Aim at all kinds of granular raw materials, according the customers requirement of the producing processaccuracy requirements for weighing plant and equipment layout and etc,Liansu Machinery offer a customized full-automatic compound and feeding system proposal. From raw materials storage to materials conveying dosingmixingautomatic conveying to every machine.

Multi-scenario application introduction

Materials storage :raw materials storage can choose ton bag feeding or human open feeding, via pneumatic convey to storage silo.

Dosing and mixing : aim at all kinds of materials which is need dosing ,  adopt Multi-component weighing mixer’ to achieve all kinds of materials will according the preset matching to make accurate measurement, and mixing it well and the matching accuracy can reach 0.2 percent.

Drying system : according to the producing process requirement , mixing materials via pneumatic convey to hot hair drier or dehumidification drier to reach lower dew point request (dehumidification drier can reach -50 degree dew point)

Conveying system:  the raw materials after drying via dispensing stationor common pipeto convey by negative pressure to the vacuum suction hopper which was above the each machine . Aim at the product which is colourful also can useweightlessness type of colour master machine to mix colour online.

Project site

Liansu Machinery integration of 26 years of extrusion equipment manufacturing experience,provide a complete set of extrusion equipment upstream - downstream automation system solutions, 100% independently developed integrated control system, familiar with plastic extrusion process, match the best feeding systemextrusion system automatic packaging system and the whole ecological solution of production data acquisition and analysis system.

We have completed 168 projects of plastic feeding system all over the world and including equipment injection machines exceed 2500 sets at present.The projects including plan making self-made productionsite constructiondebugging and acceptance inspection. To solve the old and new factory renovationmulti-formula and multi-color with high filllong distance delivery system.