The technology of HDPE pipe extrusion production line has the advantages of high output, energy saving and low noise.

Equipment coverage: 20~1600 single-layer and multi-layer HDPE pipes

Maximum pipe thickness100mm

Maximum capacity of equipment: 1400kg/ h

Control system

Flexcon +data acquisition and control system independently developed is adopted for the whole line control.The embedded "dual system", namely PLC control system+information PC system, is adopted. The two systems run at one terminal at the same time to realize the high integration of program control, data acquisition and analysis! It has the equipment control function of PLC, real-time/historical data monitoring, query, process data storage, product quality monitoring, equipment maintenance, cost analysis and other key data statistics and analysis for lean production management.

The extruder adopts screw design with large L/D ratio

 The screw adopts 40 large L/D ratio+spiral bushing design to ensure high production capacity and low melt temperature.

 The main motor adopts a special permanent magnet servo motor, with the same extrusion capacity, and the motor is 1 power level smaller

▶ On-line color masterbatch feeding: automatic measurement, accurate synchronization of the dosing of main materials

 Meter weight control: integrated meter weight system, accurate meter weight control and accurate synchronous control.

 InformationEquipped with FLEXCON+whole line data acquisition and analysis system.

HDPE pipe dedicated mould

  The mould body adopts double spiral channel structure, which can ensure the uniformity of melt temperature and completely eliminate welding marks. The die with air exhaust structure is adopted above 250PE production line to save the cooling length of the whole line and energy consumption.

  The die adopts stacked die and die core design to reduce investment and specifications changing become faster.

  The die body is forged with high-quality die steel 40CR, and the materials are quenched and tempered. After quenching and tempering, the materials have high density, high wear resistance and strong deformation resistance.

Vacuum cooling mechanism

Adopt vacuum full-automatic negative pressure closed-loop control system. Sets the required pressure through HMI, starts the vacuum pump, automatically adjusts the speed of the vacuum pump through the negative pressure sensor and transmits the signal to the inverter, so as to quickly achieve the constant negative pressure without manual pressure relief. The operation is simple, and the energy-saving effect is 50 ~ 90% less than that of traditional vacuum control.The whole tank is made of SS304, centralized drainage, low noise and energy saving.

Hauling mechanism

Full servo control of hauling and pipe leading mechanism, synchronous control of "one drag many" for multiple caterpillar, synchronous servo motor with special structure, single driver drives multiple permanent magnet synchronous motors at the same time, and low-frequency torque stable output.Wide speed regulation range to ensure the stability of large-span pipe diameter production, wide speed regulation range, and ensure the stable production of pipes with various pipe diameter and thickness.

Cutting mechanism

The full series of swarfless cutting adopts double knife cutting mode to adapt to different diameters and thicknesses of pipes. The maximum thickness of swarfless cutting is 100mm, which is flat and beautiful without flanging.

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