HOPE single/ multi-layer pipes production line

control system

Full line control system can select the control system : FLEXCON+ flexibility control system, namely PLC+data acquisition & analysis system seamless switching operation , also can select traditional PLC control system.

FLEXCON control system:

PLC control system:

Single layer/ multi-layer pipe extrusion system

To satisfy the domestic and foreign market demand ,provide single layermulti-layer ABA or ABC pipe structure and outer coating co-extrusion solutions.

Single layer extrusion:

Multi-layer extrusion

Single layer mould:

Multi-layer mould:

External cover co-extrusion:

Cooling system

Vacuum and cooling system adopts 304 stainless steel structure ,vacuum control adopts automatic negative closed-loop control system, fast response ,save more than 50% energy consumption.

Hauling mechanism

60 times of speed ration range to meet the production of large-span wall thickness pipe, the same production line produces both lining pipe and high pressure water pipe to ensure productivity and stable hauling speed.Servo control system is adopted to control the caterpillar and pipe leading mechanism which has high stability and saves the cost of starting materials.

Cutting mechanism

For thick pipe、thin pipe matching different cutting mechanism

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