• The whole line is equipped with data acquisition system to store and analyze production process data, visualize production process and improve management efficiency.

  • Adopt a well-developed bracket structure of die head, which ensures the quality of plasticization.

  • Adopt double chamber structure and double water pump spray cooling system for vacuum tank, which can form quickly and save debugging time.

  • High efficiency servo motor cooperates with precision reducer, wide speed range and stable speed.

  • New planetary cutting machine, reliable and durable, even chamfer size,good sealing, good swarf absorption effect.

Extruder part

  • Adopt imported precision horizontal reducer, silent, efficient, with efficient stainless steel cooler and metal powder removing device.

  • The maximum output of extrusion can reach 1000kg/h.

  • Special screw flight design, suitable for different formulas, large extrusion volume, low unit energy consumption.

  • Advanced screw processing technology ensures the quality of screw.

  • High-efficiency motor cooperates with low-loss reducer and imported coupling to further improve the efficiency of the whole machine.

  • Twin-screw feeding machine is more stable than single-screw feeder.

Extrusion die

  • Mature scaffolding structure is adopted to ensure the quality of plasticization.

  • Positioning bolt facilitates rapid and accurate assembly of each section of die head.

  • Manufacturing technology of Liansu PVC die head ensures the accuracy of quality and dimension of extrusion pipe.

  • The spreader through streamline optimization design to ensure smooth and balanced flow of material.

  • Well-designed die core to facilitate melt pressure in die head to become more even.

  • Adopt the independent control heating ring to ensure the accuracy of the heating temperature on the die head.

Vacuum cooling system

  • The whole body is made of stainless steel, durable.

  • Smooth flow channel design, avoid decreasing water pressure caused by traditional elbow diameter reduction.

  • For large diameter pipes, the vacuum tank adopts double chamber structure and it is equipped with arc support plate, improves the forming quality rapidly.

  • Centralized drainage system,easy to operate.

  • Has the precise water level and water temperature automatic control system.

  • Automatic PID negative pressure regulation is adopted for vacuum tank, which saves more than 40% energy and greatly reduces noise.

Hauling mechanism

  • Adopt high-efficiency servo motor and unique "one pull more" servo speed regulation system, the speed regulation range reaches 100 times, stable speed and hauling force.

  • Adopt eight-caterpillar haul-off unit, four-caterpillar clamping is used in the production of small-sized pipes to meet different application requirements.

  • Optional winch to reduce the hauling pipe.

  • Encoder length counting, less error, stable signal .

  • Caterpillar pneumatic clamping,adjustable clamping force.

Cutting machine

  • New planetary cutting machine, reliable and durable, good sealing, good swarf absorption effect.

  • The cutting body has a fast response drive system, which makes the cutting length accurate and stable.

  • Design of profiling cutter head to make the effect of circular chamfering uniform.

  • Adopt shutter multi-point clamping. No need to change clamping blocks while changing specifications, and good chamfering effect is ensured.

Socketing machine

The socketing machine heats the inner and outer layer of the pipe to make the pipe dimension accurate, good performance and the quality of the socket is guaranteed.