• The main machine is equipped with special permanent magnet servo motor for extrusion, it is energy-saving and efficient, saves more than 15% of energy.

  • The whole line is equipped with data acquisition system to store and analyze production process data, visualize production process and improve management efficiency.

Extruder Part

  • The output of LSPD93 parallel twin screw extruder with 32D L/D ratio can reach 500-550 kg/h.

  • Special screw flight design, screw has good adaptability to customer's formula, stable extrusion output.

  • Adopt high-torque precision reducer and the specially designed power transmission mode make the left and right output shafts power balanced, accurate in phase and satisfy the output of large torque.

  • High efficiency and low energy consumption permanent magnet servo motor cooperates with low loss reducer,elastic coupling can further improve the efficiency of the whole machine and effectively reduce noise.

  • The design of feeding,screw and barrel is suitable for the formula material of calcium and zinc,meets the national standard of pipe.

Extrusion Die

  • Use mature scaffolding structure  to ensure the quality of plasticization.

Vacuum Tank

  • The whole body is made of stainless steel, which is durable

  • Smooth flow channel design, avoid decreasing water pressure caused by traditional elbow diameter reduction

  • Centralized drainage system, easy to operate

  • Automatic PID negative pressure regulation is adopted for vacuum tank, which saves more than 40% energy and greatly reduces noise.


  • High-efficiency servo motor cooperates with precision reducer, which has wide speed range and stable speed.


  • Adopt swarfless cutting which will not produce polluted dust,clean space.

Packing Machine

  • On-line automatic plastic film bagging and packing, simple and stable structure, superior user experience.