In the extrusion of plastic pipes, the stability of the haul-off unit affects the  pipe quality. The factors such as insufficient clamping force or unstable haul-off speed will cause changes in the diameter and wall thickness of the extruded pipes, or slippage of the caterpillars during the production process, resulting in the production of waste products. 


In response to the market demand of different pipe specifications and line speed requirements, Liansu has developed a variety of haul-off units to ensure efficient synchronization with the extruder. Now let us introduce the haul-off unit and our quality manufacturing process .

Wide range of specifications for pipe extrusion lines of different sizes and speeds.

Liansu can provide multi-caterpillar and large speed ratio haul-off units, including two-caterpillar, three-caterpillar, four-caterpillar, six-caterpillar, eight-caterpillar, ten-caterpillar, twelve-caterpillar and sixteen-caterpillar haul-off units, with precise synchronization, high hauling force and wide speed range. The caterpillar adopts self-expanding copying device to ensure that the chain and the track are closely adhered to each other. The tracks are made of special polymer material to ensure the precision and stability of hauling speed.

Synchronized servo control of "one-haul-multiple", realizing high synchronization and high precision traction.

The whole series of haul-off unit adopts "one-haul-multiple" synchronous control mode, and each caterpillar is independently equipped with permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, which ensures  stable and large speed range of more than 50 times, and can simultaneously satisfy the fast hauling of small-size pipes and the slow hauling of large-size and thick-walled pipes, with stable speed and ensure strict synchronization of each caterpillar.

Core "quality manufacturing", full "sincerity" production and manufacturing

Motor, as the core component of the haul-off unit, are produced by our motor business division. We have specialized in the production of high-performance permanent magnet servo motors for more than 15 years, and has developed special servo motors for multi-caterpillar haul-off units, with the production process covering the design, machining, assembling, and testing of the motors, as well as the provision of customized motor services for various industries.