Efficiency Single Screw Extruder

●High output:screw with 40 long L/D ratio + screw bush, output 350 ~ 1500kg/h.

●Good plasticization:Screw low melt temperature design, good plasticizing effect

●High efficiency:Delicated permanent magnet servo motor for extruder

●Low noise:Low noise main motor + low noise imported gearbox, load working noise lower than 72db.

●Meter weight control:Integrated meter weight system, accurate meter weight control and synchronous control.

●Informatization: equipped with full line data acquisition and analysis system for lean production


HDPE Multi Layer Co-extrusion Die Head

●Available pipe head range from pipe size 20mm ~1200mm

●By using the design of multi spiral channel distributor and CAE finite element simulation analysis, the uniformity of thickness of each layer of pipe is ensured.

●Low back pressure, very low energy consumption.

●Reasonable flow channel volume and smaller die head body, reduced melt residence time, fast to change masterbatch, less heat preservation energy consumption.

●It has the function of internal cooling of pipes to reduce the cooling length of production. The same cooling length can obtain higher output.

●Die design adapts to large specification range, stackable mandrel and pins design, reduces investment, and changes size faster.

Vacuum Energy Saving Control

It adopts vacuum negative pressure closed-loop control, HMI sets the pressure required for pipe sizing, starts the vacuum pump to send signals to inverter through the negative pressure sensor, automatically adjusts the speed of the vacuum pump, quickly achieves the constant negative pressure without manual pressure relief, achieves the energy-saving effect and improves the production stability.

Wide speed range of Haul off unit

Adopt servo control, 50 ~ 100 times of large speed ratio regulation range, suitable for production line with large diameter specification and large wall thickness, high stability and reducing waste product rate.

Swarfless cutter

Double blade hydraulic swarfless and dust-free cutting, maximum cutting pipe thickness 100mm


Available coiler for size range from 20 to 160MM, servo winding control, pipe ranging with servo control .Electronic cam synchronization is adopted for winding and displacement,neat and good arrangement.

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