Technical Features

●Extruder with long L/D ratio, high efficiency and high output of 850KG/H and integrated control with gravimetric  weighing system.

●HDPE three-layer co-extrusion head, adopt spiral basket structure, easy maintenance, accurate thickness of each layer.

●Vacuum tank adopts negative pressure closed-loop control, which saves 80% energy and greatly reduces noise.

●High efficiency servo motor and precision reducer are used in hauling. hauling speed range is wide and stable.

●Swarfless cutting machine, maximum cutting thickness 60MM.

Equipment Composition

40D Series Extruder

●HDPE long L/D ratio,40 series dedicated screw,spiral bush to ensure high output and low melt temperature.High efficiency,stable,and good operation.

●The inner and outer layer extrusion  are equipped with LSS50 main machine, and the middle layer is equipped with LSS80 main machine. The extrusion output reaches 850 kg/h. The optimized screw structure enables the raw materials to be plasticized and fully mixed. The mechanical energy is reasonably converted into heat energy, and the output is linearly stable.

●Precise vertical reducer, quiet and high efficiency.

●Accurate integrated gravity weighing control system, real-time monitoring of extruder output, can choose output control or meter weight control mode to reduce the fluctuation of product weight, facilitate the setting of production process and reduce production costs.

●Interface Integration of Main Operating Screen: Key data of hourly output, daily output, total material consumption, total power consumption, unit material power consumption, etc.

●Configure a single-machine  process data acquisition system, with equipment monitoring, alarm management, energy management, production management, quality traceability and data display and other functions

●The whole line adopts Weitu PS high cabinet, which is separated by strong and weak current to reduce interference. The top air exhaust and industrial air conditioning are used together, and the cooling effect is good.

HDPE Three-layer Co-extrusion Head

●The head is designed with multi-spiral channel distributor, and the thickness uniformity of each layer of pipe is ensured by CAE finite element simulation analysis.

●Die backpressure is low and energy consumption is very low.

●Reasonable runner volume and smaller size of the die body, reduced melt retention time, faster color change time, rapid heating of the die and smaller heat preservation energy consumption.

●Internal cooling function of pipe with frequency conversion control can reduce production cooling length, and the same cooling length can achieve higher output.

Vacuum Forming&Cooling System

●Vacuum tank and spray tank all adopt stainless steel without any paint spraying, durable and wear resistance.

●Vacuum tank and spray tank adopt centralized water and air passage.

●Add the efficient spraying of water ring at the entrance of calibration sleeve to enhance the effect of rapid cooling.

●Vacuum pump adopts full-automatic frequency conversion closed-loop negative pressure regulation (vacuum does not need to be discharged outside). Pressure can be adjusted automatically and quickly within 5 seconds. Constant vacuum negative pressure ensures the stability of pipe outer diameter, and the noise can be reduced to less than 70db, saving energy up to 80%.

●Once the vacuum detects abnormal pressure, automatically and timely signal to the cutting machine to make appropriate waste pipe removal.

Servo Hauling Mechanism

●The haul-off unit adopts servo control to ensure a stable speed regulation range of more than 60 times and a stable low speed and sufficient output of torque. That is to say, it ensures a stable constant speed hauling at low speed for large diameter and thick wall pipes and a high speed hauling for small size pipes.

●Hauling servo motor and speed reducer adopt direct connection without shaft seal method:the lubricating oil of the reducer is directly connected with the servo motor to solve the oil leakage problem of the output shaft of the reducer.

●Multiple pedrail control by single servo motors , and a special customized One Pull Multiple drive scheme is developed to ensure the synchronous output of six servo motors.

Swarfless Cutting Mechanism

●It is equipped with swarfless cutting machine, imported double hydraulic knife feeding system, cutting range ODØ110-Ø450, maximum thickness up to 60mm.

●Cutting surface is flat, smooth, without flanging, dust-free, swarfless, environmental protecting. V-type clamping, when changing specifications, only need electric adjustment, reduce labor intensity of workers and provide efficiency.

●Innovative conductive rings and carbon brushes ensure close contact and reduce maintenance.

●Electric adjusting pipe support frame, easy to adjust height and improve efficiency.

●V-type clamping, when changing specifications, only need to adjust the height electronically, with a position scale, clear and simple operation, improve the efficiency.

Single Machine Data Acquisition&Analysis System

●Real-time monitoring of all process parameters in the production process, such as temperature, main machine speed, current, torque and vacuum negative pressure.

●Real-time acquisition of process data in the whole process of production line and archiving of the best process formula.

●Real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and process parameters, intelligent analysis of parameters affecting product quality, timely warning prompts, filing.

●Accurate statistical analysis of product qualification rate and equipment utilization rate by scientific method.

●Accurate statistical analysis of unit energy consumption, daily power consumption, total power consumption, output summary, total output of finished products, daily output of finished products, material total consumption, daily consumption of raw materials.

●Effective preservation of the collected historical data facilitates the analysis and tracing.

●Customized report  for interested data  to users.

●Data acquisition and analysis system for single-machine edition: software and hardware architecture for deep customization of plastic extrusion can be flexibly configured and networked.

Equipment Photoes