HIEX series single screw extruder integrates the design,production of Liansu Machinery extrusion device with actual using experience, and joint research and development with European experts, adopts advanced design concepts and technologies.HIEX series machinery becomes the optimized choice of high production and low energy consumption extrusion in HDPE,PP-R, PP-H and other PO type pipes.It guarantees stable extrusion of single layer or multi-layer (diameter 16-1600MM) HDPE pipes.

Technical Feature

L/D ratio: 40:1

The technology (L/D ratio 40) improves the melt quality on the basis of increasing output rate and reduces the energy consumption.

Optimize the geometry parameters of screw

The optimization of screw structure will directly affect the efficiency of extruder,therefore,the research and improvement of screw structure has been ongoing,for example,optimize mixing units and shear elements.Ensures the soft melt processing and uniformity of melt mixing at low melting temperature.

Spiral slotting feeding section

Only the lower friction force is produced during the transportation of material particles to ensure optimum feeding and optimal conveying.Thus, it guarantees the constant conveying rate under the high and low back pressure as well as the linear output of extruder in the whole rotation speed range.

A powerful drive system with high operating efficiency

High strength silencing reducer,reduces transmission wear, matching high power density, high efficiency,the motor can achieve low noise operation <80dB (A), to ensure the high-efficient constant torque extrusion in large range.

A deep integrated control system

Intelligent weighing control system software is deeply integrated in PLC control system,to achieve good quality extrusion pipe with superior cost performance.