For medium / large pipe or profile products manufacturers, traditional manual mixing, transferring and feeding can no longer meet the needs of automatic production at present.Therefore, a complete set of automatic control system for raw material storage, weighing and mixed centralized transportation is essential.

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A complete set of automatic chemical plant customized by Liansu Machinery, including the storage of raw materials, the delivery of material, the weight and the mixing of the material, and the automatic delivery of the mixture to the production of the extruder.

The centralized auto feeding system offered by Liansu Machinery has the advantages of high automation, low one-time investment, centralized management and low operating cost, effectively reducing the number of maintenance, saving manpower and maintenance funds.

It has strong flexibility and can realize multiple materials automatic weighing and color mixing technology according to different material formula, reducing human error, improving precision and efficiency.

The whole system uses sealed pipeline to transport materials, including storage, drying and transportation, so as to ensure that material will not be polluted at the second time.

The material pipeline adopts adjustable joint to facilitate disassembly and maintenance. Save workshop area, create clean environment, clean and clear workshop, safety production.

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Feeding/Mixing Area

Feeding Before Improvement

Manual feeding, mixing, crowded and messy site

Feeding After Improvement

Automatic weighing mixing & storage,clean and tidy site, high efficiency and environmental protection without pollution

Extrusion Area

Feeding Before Imporvement

Feeding After Improvement

Injection Molding Area

Before Improvement

After Improvement