Multilayer co-extrusion pipe technology adopts one or more extruder simultaneously extrusion single layer or multi layerthrough co-extrusion pipe head. During production, the challenges such as material selection and compatibility inter layer tensile strength, each layer thickness control need to be overcome. Liansu has been dedicated to plastic pipe extrusion for 30 years. We offer the extrusion equipment with stable quality, high production efficiency, and pipe with good performance.

Hereunder we will share a case of HDPE three-layer co-extrusion pipe production line. We provided the customer with a comprehensive extrusion processing solution including a fully automatic material handling system in upstream, complete extrusion production equipment for the entire line, and an automatic pipe coiling machine in downstream. lt effectively enhances the production efficiency and capacity, ensuring stable product quality and enabling the customer to meet market demands more quickly and flexibly.

Project Info

· Region: Eastern Europe

· Pipe range: ø50 —ø250mm

· Production products: drain pipes, wire pipes

· Three-layer structural form: A-B-C

· Equipment composition:

Upstream: Automated material weighing and mixing system

Extrusion line: HDPE Multi -layer Co-extrusion Pipe Extrusion Line

Downstream: Coiler

Accurate raw materials weighing and mixing

The thickness, proportion, and structure of each layer in multilayer co-extrusion pipes require accurate control. We equipped our customers with the Mconvey (a brand of Liansu) automated material handing system. This system includes multi-component gravimetric blenders of different specifications and models, enabling accurate weighing and mixing of raw materials. This ensures the accuracy and stability of material supply, guarantees the uniformity and consistency of the pipes, and effectively enhances product quality.

High efficiency pipe extrusion 

The production line is equipped with high-efficiency and high-output single-screw extruder with L/D 40. The screw is designed for low melt temperature to ensure excellent plastication. The pipe head adopts spiral flow channel design with CAE simulation to ensure the uniformity of each layer's thickness. The application of vacuum negative pressure closed-loop control system enhances the quality of pipe production while significantly reducing energy consumption and noise. The haul-off unit uses servo control , maintaining production stability even within a wide speed adjustment range, reducing the defect rate. The automatic diameter change cutter wih multi-point clamping and servo-control ensures cutting precision.

Online pipe coiler

Equipped with automatic coiler, the production achieves automated and rapid pipe coiling, effectively reducing the production cycle and reduce workers' labor intensity. The coiler adopts precision sensors and controllers to monitor the pipe tension and coiling in real time, ensuring coiling quality and facilitating storage and transportation.