LIANSU always dedicate on the extusion technology development in the past decades. The Flexible production+ Cost less is our product development base. During chinaplast 2024, we are going to display the latest "PVC pipe extruder + online weighing and mixing system". It not only effectively solves material flushing and bridging problems of pvc compound material feeding, also ensures the stability of pipe wall thickness and stable production. And the online weighing and mixing system adopts combination of "powder loss in weight feeder " + "granular loss in weight feeder " to provide flexible and fast online formula change. This solution has been widely application in domestic and abroad!


The extruder is equipped with a variety of loss in weight feeder combinations of powder + granular material to achieve online continuous and accurate weighing and mixing of multiple materials. After entering the extruder, the pipe meter weight control is more accurate, improving pipe quality while effectively saving 2% of raw material consumption. The various loss in weight feeders are manufactured by Mconvey ,a brand of Liansu. Mconvey is specially developed the system for the characteristics of plastic pipe extrusion production. We look forward to sharing more product functions with you on site.




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