Hot NewsLSP-1200 HDPE Pipe Production Line

Equip with 40D series high efficiency single screw extruder,high-efficient,stable,and excellent handling; LSS100-40D extrusion output up to 1200kg/h,optimized screw structure which makes the material plasticized and well blended as well as the mechanical energy reasonably transformed into heat energy, the output is linear and stable; Adopt high-efficient inverter motor,the efficiency is up to 95.1%;
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High production and low energy consumption 40D L/D ratio single screw extruder

HIEX series single screw extruder integrates the design,production of Liansu Machinery extrusion device with actual using experience, and joint research and development with European experts, adopts advanced design concepts and technologies.HIEX series machinery becomes the optimized choice of high production and low energy consumption extrusion in HDPE,PP-R, PP-H and other PO type pipes.It guarantees stable extrusion of single layer or multi-layer (diameter 16-1600MM) HDPE pipes.
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Plastic Full-automatic Mixing & Conveying System

In the plastic molding,Liansu Machinery centralized feeding&conveying system,liberates the work force,improve the production efficiency for manufacturers,also realize unmanned continuous operation.It improves the workshop environment and reduces the hidden danger of safety, including the continuous feeding of the central feeding system, directly leads to the stability of product and the higher qualified rate than the competitors in the same industry, the competitive power is greatly improved.
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LSP-800PVC pipe production line

95  twin conical screw extruder, guarantee high output and excellent plasticizing effect; Die head adopts bracket structure so as to ensure the plasticizing effect; Vacuum tank adopts double chamber structure, double water pump water cooling system, quick forming, saving commissioning time; Adopt eight caterpillar haul-off unit, use four caterpillar clamping when produce small pipe, energy-saving; Planetary cutting, adopts multi-point pneumatic clamping structure, fastening the PVC pipe, stable cutting, better sealing and effective swarf suction.
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PVC Trunking Bundling and Bagging Machine

with simple product arranging strucure, easy to take out the waste product;  Accurate and reliable counting device; with reliable \'magnetic suspension\' supporting structure.  Reliable bundling structure design; Reliable bagging structure(ensure no bag-shedding even if under the air pressure of 0.2Mpa); Convenient to replace the packing bag;  Bagging and pushing adopt servo control,easy to change different size product;
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LSS65-34 Single Screw Extruder

· Rotating speed is up to 142r/min, with high producing efficiency and output up to 250kg/h. With this extruder the extrusion output can increased by 30%~40%.