LSDP-32 Double layer double pipe extrusion production line


l Pipe diameter specification rangeØ16— Ø32mm

l Hauling speed Line speed: 1-25m/min  ( 20mm single pipe gurantee line speed 20m/min)

l Center distance of two stations 260 mm

l Maximum output 550kg/h

l Total length of production line 50000×5000×3500mm

II、Equipment Composition

LSS65-40 Single screw extruder

LSS50-40 Single screw extruder

LSDPZ-32PPR Double pipe and double body vacuum tank

LSDPL-32 PPR Dual-pipe immersion cooling tank

LSDPQ2-32 Double-pipe hauling and flying knife cutting combination machine

LSZKT-32P(6)On-line automatic bundling and bagging sewing and packaging machine for pipes

LSS-30-25 color strip coextruder

LSDPM-32PPR Extrusion Die for Dual Pipe

III、Technical Characteristics

40 D Single Screw Extruder outer/inner layer

* PPR special screw with large L/D ratio, ensures high yield and good plasticizing effect.

* Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor for extruder is equipped to ensure high efficiency, low consumption and low noise in high-speed production.

* Unique control system guarantees stable extrusion volume of inner and outer layers and independent workstations.

* Equip with colour master batch lost-in-weight and integration with main machine control system.

* Configuration of process data acquisition system for single-machine edition to improve production efficiency and quality management

Double pipe double tank body vacuum tank

* Vacuum frequency conversion control, energy saving and low noise

* Equipped with vacuum abnormal alarm, automatically remove waste pipes

Double pipe hauling flying knife cutting combination machine

* Equipped with servo motor for haul-off unit to ensure the full range stable speed.

* Equipped with servo mechanism for cutting machine to ensure accurate cutting positioning.

On-line automatic bundling,bagging and sewing packing machine for pipes

* Pipe diameter rangeφ16~φ32mm

* Pipe length2.6~4.0mAdjustable gear

* Maximum line speed25m/minDouble pipe double station)

* Less space, simple and stable structure, superior user operation experience.

* Configuration of pre-packaging weighing device to ensure the pass rate before packaging.

* Configuration of real-time data acquisition.

Double pipe double layer extrusion die